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USB Network Gate 7.0.1433

It allows you to share any USB-connected device over your network
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USB Network Gate is a handy utility that allows you to share any USB-connected device over your network. In other words, it lets you provide access to printers, webcams, external hard drives, scanners, faxes, phones, keyboards, and other USB-connected devices over your network, using a reliable and secure client-server system. Another great advantage offered by this tool is the fact that the OS of the client-side, of the remote computers, doesn't matter, may it be Windows, Mac OS or Linux – you may share a USB device from the server-side computer without any problem. Furthermore, it comes with traffic encryption capabilities, which means that the sharing will be completely safe and secure.

USB Network Gate is also easy to install and simple to use, on both the server computer where the USB device is connected and the remote location from where you want to access that device.

This powerful USB over IP solution doesn't only let you share USB devices over usual networks (Internet/WAN/VLAN/VPN) but even use them in virtual sessions or on blade servers.

Cutting long story short, USB Network Gate is a great tool that solves any need to share USB devices over a network. Though at first it might seem a bit expensive, once you get to discover its many benefits you can only agree that its price is rather justified.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple to set up and to use
  • Also allows using USB devices in virtual sessions
  • Offers traffic encryption


  • A bit pricey
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