USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate 9.1

Access remote USB devices over network

USB Network Gate is intended to allow users to connect to a remote USB device. Likewise, it also lets you share your devices. The interface of this program makes it very easy to use. The most difficult part would be configuring which devices to share or connect to; yet, I do not think this could pose any difficulty to anyone. The rest is simply using the remote devices you are connected to just as if they were plugged into the local computer. On top of that, there is excellent help documentation online.

The program has two tabs, one for sharing and another for connecting. The program can automatically find all local USB devices and a click on the Share button will make any of them available to others. You may be concerned about someone using, for example, your printer or accessing the data being sent over the network. Luckily, this will not happen if you protect it with a password or encrypt the data being transmitted. Besides, it is possible to enter a customized description of each device and an incoming port number. The tool is able to detect any shared devices so that you can connect to whichever you need to. Additionally, you can set remote servers, which requires entering their IP or hostname.

Good news is that the program lets you audit activity by creating logs, which can be exported to LOG files or copied to the clipboard. Moreover, the tool behaved nicely when tested over a local network, without any time lags or failure to detect shared devices.

All in all, USB Network Gate is a simple tool that smartly solves a big problem, that of accessing USB devices on remote machines. This is absolutely a product I recommend you to evaluate. Fortunately, it has a trial version that works for 14 days, with the limitation that only one local USB device can be shared and only one remote device can be accessed.

Pedro Castro
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  • Easy to configure
  • Works with all types of USB devices
  • No time lags
  • Supports encryption and password protection


  • Trial version does not allow sharing or connection to more than one device
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